NetApp Kills StoreVault Line

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NetApp told some users and partners that it has decided to end the availability of its S550 platform, which was the last product in its StoreVault line of appliances.
NetApp unveiled its StoreVault line in May of 2006 as a way of entering the SMB market.
StoreVault was originally set up as a separate business group within NetApp.
Instead of the S550, which is the last of the StoreVault line, NetApp is encouraging solution providers and customers to move to its FAS2020 product.
Unlike the StoreVault product line, the FAS2020 is based on the same ONTAP platform as NetApp’s entire NFL Cheap Jerseys line of storage appliances.

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NetApp declined to discuss the reasons for deciding to eliminate its S550 platform.
However, Julie Parrish, vice president of worldwide channel sales at NetApp, issued a statement.
cheap jerseys soccer “Moving forward, NetApp will focus its MSE [midsize and small enterprise] efforts by building out our award winning FAS2000 platform. As a result, we will launch channel only FAS2020 NetApp Select Bundles that will provide our MSE customers with enterprise level performance at a midmarket price point along with easier ordering options,” Parrish said. “At the same time, we will no longer provide any additional enhancements to our S550 platform. We believe this product platform consolidation will offer our channel partners the opportunity to sell a more market competitive set of products based on NetApp’s unified storage
Parrish, in a follow up China jerseys e mail, also said that NetApp announced the end of availability of the S550 platform to partners and customers on Jan. 23. Orders will be taken through March, with support of the existing S550 customer base available into 2012.
NetApp’s larger solution providers said the move is logical because it gives NetApp a single integrated product line that, at its lowest end, meets the needs of many of the vendor’s StoreVault customers.

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Rick Marcotte, president and CEO of DLT Solutions, a Herndon, Va. based solution provider focusing on the government sector, wrote in an
“[NetApp] is building out their lower end line (2000 Series) which has full buy jerseys capabilities and leverages their core technology and is enjoying market success in the segments we address,” Marcotte wrote. “Moving it ‘up market’ to the
The decision to end the StoreVault line was expected once NetApp rolled the StoreVault business back into the company as a whole, said Rolf Strasheim, director of
The StoreVault appliances had some of the look and feel of NetApp’s other products, but was definitely different as they hit a different part of the market, Strasheim said. “But given the value that small businesses need, I’m sure we’ll see a replacement from NetApp,” he said.
To Strasheim, the move is not so much the death of StoreVault as it is the evolution of NetApp in terms of working with the
usa jersey soccer In many ways, StoreVault was not the ideal product for the small and midsize business market, Strasheim said. For instance, he said, it originally did not support Snap Manager for Exchange and some other features that were eventually added.
“The problem was, StoreVault’s focus was on the SME space, bombarded by ads from companies like Buffalo Tech and others,” he said. “StoreVault was not the least expensive. NetApp realized it didn’t need a separate
Actually, it might be out of that market, said one solution provider, who asked to remain anonymous.
“We saw the writing on the wall when NetApp folded StoreVault into NetApp,” that solution provider said. “So we started with EqualLogic. I was hoping they’d sell the StoreVault line so it could continue.”
“We saw a jerseys wholesale huge market opportunity for the StoreVault product line in the SMB space, in particular the ‘S’ in SMB,” Vahle said. “Now we are positioning low cost

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