Mosul residents hold first wedding after ISIS rule


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residents have celebrated their liberation from ISIS by holding a wedding for the first time since the terror group was driven from their neighbourhoods.

Pictures show smiling wedding guests in a white car covered in decorations in a recaptured eastern an area of the city.

The dissident group Mosul Eye posted the image and then a caption saying: ‘The bridal of freedom. First wedding in Mosul after liberation best wishes 2 the newly weds their wedding their freedom.or,–

It is a stark contrast to the days when ISIS fanatics ruled with an iron fist under a regime in which women were flogged for not wearing full veils covering them from top to bottom.

Mosul residents have celebrated their liberation from ISIS by holding a wedding for the first time since the terror group was driven from their neighbourhoods

Further pictures show how Mosul residents time for work and cleaning the bomb hit streets.

The activist enterprise said: ‘Signs of life revival in Mosul after liberation. Fresh goods and markets start to thrive back to normal life.or,–

One picture shows a man taking it upon himself to brush the streets, using a caption saying: ‘Nothing is superior to loving ur city make it look clean. This man’s love reflects in detaching the ruins of war.’

The Iraqi affiliate marketer, Buoyed by their victory this month is now pushing into ISIS held neighborhoods north of the city

Lt. Col. Diya Lafta said troops from his 9th Division began advancing toward two villages just north of Mosul early in the day and ‘after a few hours they were liberated’ from ISIS militants.

By day, The village of Shereikhan had been largely freed of ISIS but fighting went on in the villages beyond, in order to Associated Press reporters at the scene.

Thursday’s military operation forced associated with civilians to flee. Families escaping the clashes on foot clogged the path leading into Mosul as a cloud of smoke from an ISIS suicide bombing rose above the horizon.

to be able to one fleeing resident, Who asked to only be labelled by his nickname Abu Sajjad for fears for his own safety, Said ISIS fighters still firmly control various villages along Mosul’s northern edge.

The push came after Prime Minister Haider al Abadi earlier this week declared Mosul’s eastern half to be totally free of ISIS.

Civilians have been trying to rebuild their lives after finally being freed from brutal ISIS rule

Iraqi forces launched the massive performance wholesale mlb jerseys to retake Mosul in October.

In an argument Tuesday, Al Abadi hailed the ‘unmatched heroism of all security forces factions’ and public support for the surgery.

ISIS still firmly adjustments Mosul’s west, Where the next phase of the fighting is expected to be much tougher. The UN shows that some 750,000 ordinary people are trapped in Mosul’s western sector under ISIS rule.

Mosul Iraq’s second largest city and the Islamic State group’s last urban stronghold in a rural area fell to ISIS in the summer of 2014, the moment militant group captures large swaths of northern and western Iraq.

CHILD AMONG TEN KILLED ‘IN TURKISH AIR STRIKE’ Ten civilians, especially a child, Have been killed in Turkish air strikes and shelling close to wholesale nhl jerseys a Syrian town held by ISIS, wholesale jerseys A review said today.

The bombardment hit the northern town of Al Bab and the nearby area of Tadif, Both had by ISIS, On wed, The Syrian Observatory for Human protection under the law said.

Al Bab has come under heavy assault recently weeks, by means of Turkish, Russian and Syrian warplanes carrying out strikes around or in the town.

The Observatory says it determines whose planes carry out raids to be able to their type, store, Flight types and the munitions involved.

Turkish forces regularly carry our air strikes supporting a ground operation it launched in Syria last August targeting both ISIS and Kurdish fighters. Several this month have been joint experditions with Russia.

But Turkish officials insist the utmost is done to avoid any civilian casualties and have vehemently denied claims civilians have been killed in previous strikes.

Turkey’s state run Anadolu news agency reported on Friday that 22 IS ‘terrorists’ had been killed in most recent round of Turkish strikes on Syria, Against a total of 272 IS trains.

IS is not included in a fragile nationwide ceasefire in force since December 30 that led to peace negotiations on terms jointly organised by Turkey, Russia and Iran in Kazakhstan immediately.

There was no major innovative in the talks, Which brought a government delegation together for indirect talks with representatives of armed groups somebody in charge of.

Ankara has backed rebel groups fighti

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